Bold Product Builder App SHELVED

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We installed the Bold Product Builder app, I believe it was end of July/beginning of August.  I have received technical support and spent a considerable amount of time setting up the builder which is now working brilliantly.


I receive an email from Bold today, tagged on to a technical support issue we're currently working through, announcing that they are shelving this product, it had in fact been shelved before we'd even signed up.  Yet this app is still available in the App store and doesn't have any indication on the page that it's being shelved!  Annoyed is a massive understatement.  We have received a charge of $60 for our first month using this product, I presume that they are going to continue to charge us until we find a replacement app and get rid of Builder or until they discontinue Builder all together.  I'm considering asking for a full refund for this app, is that reasonable?


If anyone can suggest a suitable replacement for the Bold app, here's a link to the builder on our website.  I can see there are a number of product builder type apps but I'm not sure if they offer conditional logic to add on relevant products?  Airsoft Anonymous Gun Builder 


Many thanks in advance for any advice!


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I think this one will fit your needs -