Brand New Upsell App

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Hi all!

My name is Shawn and I'm from a development agency called RAID, we recently built an app for upselling that we're gonna be listing up on the Shopify App store soon!


Why we created our own upsell app was mainly because with other apps we've used, we realized that it's just not that simple for merchants who don't have the time to learn, as well as many of these apps don't give you the controls you need, in terms of functions and design.


We aim to help merchants create quick upsells with useful templates, and give them the functions and design aspects they need to create an upsell that looks nice and works well with good analytics. Creating an upsell would also be easy because it's modelled after Shopify's theme builder.


If you're interested in trying it out and helping us with feedback do let me know!


Here's what our app can look like:

Here's what it can look like on mobile:

I'd love to give you more information, you can email me at


Hello, I watched your gif on giphy link provided by you. It's very amazing and I appreciate your work. All the best for your great work!

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looks useful and a welcome addition and can already see how this would potentially work on my site

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We could possibly talk about collaboration someday! Looking forward!

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Hey bro,

I have tried your app and it turns out so amazing, btw, I also wanna suggest an Upsell application, called Upsell & Cross-sell Smart Tool.

Upsell and Cross-sell Smart Toolan optimized and affordable choice. I just have to spend about 5$/month to gain 1000 views and 15.99$/month for 5000 VIEWS, super cheap and effective. 

Moreover, creating discounted upsell and cross-sell products, get free shipping, percentage and fixed amount are setup with ease.