Build a Bundle App?

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Hi there! 

I'm pretty much doing a copy and paste from another user that never found a solution to their question - but I'm looking for the same thing, and their question had the best verbiage for what I'm looking for.

I have a store that sells knitting patterns and yarn. I'm looking to add recommended yarns to the pattern pages to create bundle add ons. 

What I want is a product, e.g. "Pattern A". On this product you have the ability to add just the pattern to the cart or "build a bundle". In the same view you should also be able to choose variant 1: Size and then also a variant (color) for Yarn A and Yarn B and the quantity for each. The size option decides a recommended amount of Yarn A and Yarn B, e.g. size Small is 1 pcs of red Yarn A and 5 pcs of blue Yarn B. When adding to cart you add the downloadable pattern, 1pcs of red Yarn A and 5 pcs of blue Yarn B.

I have tried to browse through most bundle apps, but haven't come across any that support exactly what I need - I can't tell you how many I've added, tinkered around with, then ultimately deleted because they didn't do what I need. The important part here is ease of maintenance. If a new color of Yarn B is added, it should reflect into all kits. If a variant of Yarn A is out of stock, this shouldn't be possible to buy. If someone purchases 1 pc of red Yarn A and 5 pcs of blue Yarn B, then those numbers should be deducted from the stock of their individual products.


Here are a few examples of what I'm looking for:


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It looks like a variant setup for the most part. You should be able to set up the additional options as variant options.

In terms of inventory this would require better SKU management and you would probably need to bundle each variant up so it calculates the correct inventory upon purchase. Our bundling app does this as it allows you to define what a variant is made up of and splits it down when ordered so inventory is calculated correctly.

Correct me if I misunderstand but the inventory part is the limitation here as you could probably achieve similar designs to examples using options apps. However those apps don't track inventory correctly.

The one other issue that you might have is Shopify has a limit of 100 variants so if you have too many options they would need to be split not separate products to get around the limit. 

If you are interested in discussing inventory side of things then send me an email to to see if we could automate that side of data with our application.



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Hi @cbear,

Nick here from Shopify. 

Can you say which one's you've looked into that don't quite fit what you're looking for? I don't want to share them with you again if you've already tried them. You can see all the build a bundle apps in the Shopify App Store here and see if there are any you haven't researched yet that might work for you. 

Did you test out @channelup's app to see if it can do what you need also? 

Something to consider if none of the apps can do what you need is to look into having something custom built for you by a Shopify Expert. It would be a higher upfront cost, but it would be a one off cost and not a monthly charge like an app would be. You can see the Expert Directory here

Thanks, Nick

Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify 
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If you tested most bundle apps and they are not working for you, just look for custom development. Don't waste your time to test more. It usually means that the use case is unique for your category. Just find an expert to develop for you with the reference sites. 

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