Build detailed customisable 3 step leave feedback process that is accessible by email app

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I have to questions related to the process I want to build.

Question 1:
I am looking for an app which will help me create a 3 step leave feedback form under dedicated url path which will:

page 1. gather email, order id
page 2. product satisfaction questions on numerical scale (answer from 1-10)
page 3. review with at least 50 words

After submit button this information will be saved somewhere such that other apps can have access to this data.

Question 2:
Which email app would then help me access data from app 1 and setup an email routine to send a 'thank you' email with a snapshot of his review to his email address?

If there are no apps that can operate together in such way. Please, guide me with some other possible solutions. I am pretty new to shopify. Thank you for your answers.