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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this. Aside from being utterly frustrated with the Shopify ecommerce giant not allowing multiple automatic discounts (stupid). I am looking for an app or a work around to get what I need done. Thanks. We are a youth sports program and offer multiple sports and camps. I am on a heavily customized Venture theme thanks to my new developers. Anyways, here is what I need and I hope to find a solution.


Customer puts camp A,B into their cart. It shows at checkout an automatic discount of $20. ($10 per camp)

Customer puts camp A,B,C into their cart. It shows at checkout an automatic discount of $30. ($10 per camp)

So on a so forth. 

Customer only puts camp A into their cart. It shows at checkout an automatic discount of $10. 


Discount codes get lost and people forget. I want to make the experience easy. Thanks for the help.  



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Shopify Staff
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Hey, @Dgoldfe13!

Thanks for reaching out about this; I can definitely understand your frustration with not being able to stack automatic discounts. This is certainly a common request, so hopefully we'll see this added to the platform in the future. In the meantime, I believe a tiered discounts app should be able to help you do this. Here are some you can take a look at:

Hope that helps!

Brie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I need this too. We want to be able to use Shopify POS, but the inability to do multiple Automatic Discounts is a big detractor I have to say... I don't even want to "Stack" discounts. I just need dog food customers to be able to checkout with their bulk discounts and separately cat food customers to be able to checkout in a different order with their bulk discount. The notion of only being able to have one automatic discount is just crazy... 

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Hi there! You can take a look at this app Upsell cross-sell tool . This app will help you create a bundle discount and show it on the checkout cart. It's pretty easy to set up, hope this would help.