Bulk discount on certain products/variants

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I am currently working on a webshop which needs bulk discount on certain products/variants. First I tried the automatic discount in Shopify but soon found out, for some reason you can only make one automatic discount. 

I've tried a bunch of apps, but they all didn't do what I need them to do.  So this is what I need:


I've got a collection with different products. Within that collection customers should be able to mix a variety of products or variants of the same product and get a discount based on the amount of products or variant they buy.

Buy 3 and get a discount

Buy 2 and get a discount

Because i am working with different sizes, i should be able to split the variants. Size 1 for example, is more expensive than size 2. My discount is different for the different variants. 


Anyone know a good app which is able to do this ?

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App Selly can help you to offer multiple automatic discounts with variant condition in its setting:




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