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I'm looking for an app that will allow for a customer to make their own unique bundle. There would be 12 products to choose from. The app would allow the customer to choose a total of six in any combination to make a bundle (or group) for a single price. Do you know of an app that allows this kind of customization and pricing? Thanks!

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Hey, @FoodVacBags

There are a few great bundle building apps that offer terrific user experiences for your customers. They should also provide solutions to your needs in regards to how you're hoping to set things up. Here are some recommendations below:

  1. Bundable - App Demo 
  2. Bundle Builder - App Demo 

If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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@Dirk Thank you!

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Hi @FoodVacBags

I see you have the problem solved. However, I still wish to join the discussion. In my opinion, items that usually come together, or come with pairs should be in a bundle. Customers would have a higher chance to purchase them. For example, cupcake paper and its decoration candy. In terms of choosing the right create bundles app. I'd recommend Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool by Autoketing. Simple setting yet effective. Hope you will find the perfect solution for your Shopify store. Cheers!

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Tried both of these but didn't find what I was looking for. Maybe someone can help?

I'm trying to give customers the option of creating their bundle from set groups. Example:

Group 1:

- Product A

- Product B

- Product C

Group 2:

- Product D

- Product E

- Product F

Group 3:

- Product G

- Product H

- Product I


Conditions of the bundle are that they must include any 2 (can be 2 of the same product) from EACH group.

So the customer can do:

From group 1: Product A x 2

From group 2: Product D + Product E

From group 3: Product I x 2


Anything out there that can do this?

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I have the same question! One of my clients wants a mixed bundle, with a maximum per category. I've found an example of a shopify store that has this feature, however, I cannot find the app that creates this visual bundle: https://www.primalkitchen.com/pages/build-your-own-meal-prep-kit.

I looked at the source code, but all apps I tried for bundles, looked different.

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You can get the basic functionality of shoppers choosing specific items to include in a product bundle or kit using PickyStory.

With kits, shoppers get to configure the desired quantity:


With bundles, they simply check the items to be included:


This is not the same as full customization by the shopper, but sometimes simpler is better.

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Also looking for the same functionality 

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Hello. Fortunately, the problem seems to be solved but I'd like to add useful information to it.

A great feature relevant to product bundling is the "Bundles' Page" where a customer can see all created bundles in the store.

This feature helps a customer to (1) see all offers and don't miss any of them and (2) compare them with each other.

We've provided this feature in our free plan. So feel free to check it and let our technical support team know if there's any problem. 



Bundles page.png



Upselling has always been a good way to boost sales instantly. You can bundle your similar products and sell them at a discounted price. Customers not only like product bundles but also find them affordable. For instance, you can club a mobile with a cover and sell the bundle at a discounted price. This is possible through our product bundles.

You can configure different product bundles based on similarities in prices or features. You can also customize the label, button, and the number of products in the bundle as per requirements. By showing individual prices and the overall pricing of the bundle, you can gain customers’ attention and drive sales.

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