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Apologies if the title is ambiguous. 


We currently sell several packages on our store and each of them has one SKU. This is creating a bit of pain point logistically for us since Shopify/ShipStation only see this bundle as one item. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, we made the decision to ship what we can however there are some items that are impacted by significant backorders. This creates confusion for customers since our shipping notifications say the whole SKU has shipped. 


ShipStation is currently unable to break out SKUs into parent/child so we hit a dead-end there. We are essentially looking for an app that can present a package on the product page and cart, but once it's ordered, it breaks out into all of the respective items in that package so we can better communicate what is/isn't shipping. Is this possible? Open to any suggestions - thank you.

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We are in the middle of getting this functionality built into our app. The way it works is you create your bundled products in our platform so we know what the components of a product are. If that product is ordered we then update the Shopify order with the individual component SKUs. We also have an interface to manage orders that have items on backorder etc so you can allocate stock automatically through our automations based on logic you set. However, once you have the components mapped in our system you should be able to manage orders directly on Shopify if you wish as our processes run on set schedules to process products and orders.

If you would like to discuss it please send me an email to tom@channelup.io



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