Bundle app that creates an individual product with the ability to add tags

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Slightly complicated one..


I'm looking for a way of buliding a bundle of 2-3 individual products, which I can then advertise on normal collection pages and filtering using the product tags.


Basically I'm selling motorcycle chains and sprockets (cogs/chain wheels), a bundle needs to contain a front sprocket, a rear sprocket, and a chain.  

When a customer uses the filter, they can select their bike make/model, which brings in the products that fit that bike (using the product tags), but, you then have to select the 3 items individually and it creates a product bundle at checkout providing a discount.  I would like to display that product bundle within the filtered items on the collection page. 


The problem is, that one of the products (including different variants) will fit 2 or more different bikes, so I can't advertise the bundle on the item product page as the product page isn't specifically for that bike.  And if you do show all the variations of Bundles that product is listed in, you could 10 bundles advertised on a single product page where the last one on the list could be the bike the customer filtered.


If anyone understands this, I'll give you a commendation!  It may be easier to view  on my site - www.wscperformance.co.uk, Top Menu/All products/Chain and Sprockets - Road, filter by Yamaha MT-10 2016-2019.

There are 2 sprockets and a chain, if you add them together, you get £10 off at the basket, currently there is also a single product which is the combination of all 3 items, instead of creating that product, I'd like to be able to display it as a bundle using the individual listings (meaning ease of stock management)


Is there a Bundle app that will display products like this?  They seem to create their own product page, but is it possible for that product paged to be linked back into the filter?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @codd80 

I'd recommend you try the Upsell Bundled Products app by SpurIT. Upsell Bundled Products by SpurIT is a Shopify app designed to help you boost sales and conversion rates by packaging multiple products that are frequently bought together into a beautiful kit. The app also makes sure that customers know how much they are saving for buying bundled products. Plus, shopping is easy and fun as customers could add these products kit to their cart with just a single click. You could create as many products and collections as you want, as well as customize their design to best fit your store theme.

Highlight features

  • Add a products kit to cart in a single click
  • Boost sales for relevant products that are frequently bought together
  • Highly customizable design that best fit your theme
  • Package product kits for as many products and collections as you want
  • Show how much customers are saving for buying bundled products

Price: $19.95/month. 8-day free trial.

You can get the app and 9 other Shopify product bundles app via this link: https://avada.io/shopify/product-bundles/

Hope it helps!

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