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Hello all,


I'm having trouble finding a way to manage my POD stock. I'm not working with an POD company - I run one. I print artwork onto men's & women's jackets - in 3 styles - in multiple sizes. I of course only have a limited amount of base jackets. I'd like a system that allows me to create products that share the same variation stock. 


So for example:

If I sell ARTWORK1 with a medium women's jacket, the sale would take a medium women's jacket off the stock for all other artwork on the catalog.


I've been experimenting with bundle apps to create a product listing which allows the user to choose a base jacket and a size, but most of the apps I have tried expect me to create a separate bundle for every size. As you can imagine, this would become confusing fast. My shop would have 18 different bundles for every piece of artwork - which makes no sense for customers. Can anyone recommend a better way to manage stock?


My product tree looks like:


Jacket type: Men's denim, women's denim, men's leather, women's leather, men's faux, women's faux

Size: s, m, l, xl for every men's jacket - 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 for every women's jacket


The amount of POD businesses out there - surely someone can point me in the right direction. Happy to try pretty much anything at this point.


Many thanks in advance for any advice and suggestions at all. If bundles aren't the way forward I'm more than happy to try something else.

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App Selly has bundle feature, here is its demo:







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Hi Jess,

I've got exactly the same issue.

Just wondering if you managed to find a fix?