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Hi there, 

I am new to Shopify, struggling to finish web setup.

I want my customer to go to one of my collections (2 For £22).  Select 2 items or 4 or 6 etc, and instead of saying one garment £14 and one £15 if bought on another section of the site, instead, they get for £22.  All stock added has an additional 2 for £22 tag to identify and allow to also be held in different collections.  IE. Long Leggings, All Products and 2 for £22.  I've tried few apps, but cant seem to find the one im looking for.  Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.


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Daniel McBride

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Try the buy x get y discount model https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/discounts/create-discount-codes#create-a-buy-x-get-y-discount 

Or combining the products into variants priced for $22 you'll have to reconcile the inventory manually or using a sync app.


If that doesn't work you'll need a theme customization to do some sleight of hand to swap the differently priced products and prevent users from seeing the $11 dollar priced products or checking them out individually.


To get this customization for your customers contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with storename ,theme, and details for pricing. 

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