Bundles help: App to split bundle SKU into individual SKUs before fulfillment?

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Does anyone know of an app that can help me convert an order with a bundle to an order containing the items within the bundle? I see tons of bundle apps but they seem to only help customers create bundles on their own, or mix and match. Saw a few other threads in the fulfillment discussion with a similar question but no answers.  Is there an app that can edit the order to add the 3 products whenever a bundle is purchased? Our warehouse doesn't have any bundling functionality and will need each order to come through their system with the individual SKUs not the bundle SKU.

A few more details:
-Each bundle (contains 3 products) will have its own product page and shopify product listing. 

-Each bundle has fixed items - customers cannot mix and match or swap products to the bundle. 

-Once the order is paid, on Shopify the order will contain 1 item (the bundle), but in fulfillment, 3 items will need to go in each order.