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Hi guys,


We are looking to convert to Shopify but this one seems to be able to solve. I want to make a product with variants. I want those variants to be bundles. (You select a kit and we take care of the sku selections for you)


Here is an exemple where you buy a set 2 tires A and 2 tires B. I need the the bundle to add the price of the 2 skus (A+A+B+B) to give the total to the customer and then substract the right sku's from inventory when he order: http://storeatv.com/details/pneus/67/7/bighorn-2.0.html


Also, it needs to be pretty compact like on my exemple. We dont want a giant layout where the customer loose himself trying to find something specific.

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You would need a bundling solution for this one. We have our own bundle app that lets you build bundles for each variant and set price for the variant. The inventory is calculated based on what you have available from components. Once an order is received that contains a bundle we convert the order lines to the individual components so your inventory is correct and you can fulfil normally. There is no change to your theme required.

If you would like to test it out send me an email to tom@channelup.io and I can get my team to demo and set up so you can see if it will work for you.



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