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Hey MlkMahmud. Here is my shopping list.

- an "add business listing" button on my Shopify website that takes them to a page where there can add their business info (company name,logo address, website, phone #, email etc)

- ability for me to decide on the fields and categories I want.

- A business directory page (which looks like part of my existing shopify website) to display list of businesses by location or category

- a this stage not interested in taking payment for listings

That's all I need to start with.

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Hi everyone - has anyone come across this, or managed to find anything suitable ? 

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Wondering the same thing...

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We are very much in need of this type of business listing - with the same requirements that hedgey outlined.

Has anyone discovered or created anything similar??

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I am also looking for an app like this. In need of a business directory with these same requirements as hedgey described.

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Hey everyone,

We could not find an existing solution to add a business directory listing either. So we have built a custom app for our client with many functionalities matching those outlined by @hedgey.  If there is sufficient interest, we can release the app for the community as a whole. 

Please mail me at if you'd like to chat further. 

Below are couple of screenshots of the app in action: 

1. completed business listing on our client's website

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 5.16.45 PM.png

















2. options available to customize your form

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 5.23.29 PM.png

Email me at to chat further. 

Talk soon!