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Hi @JasonC , 

Thank you so much for the workarounds that you have presented. Let´s see if this works for us! 

You mentioned that there is a feature request that has been submitted for this to be implemented? Where can I vote for it and what is the status for a possible implementation? 




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Hey, @BioBunnies!

Julie here from Shopify Support; I'm just stepping in for Jason. 

I appreciate your interest in having products automatically added to the cart with BOGO-type discounts and I can definitely see how this would be a great feature to have. We do have a system in place for sending feature requests to our developers, and I've just added your name to the list. While I don't have an answer as to if or when this will be implemented, I can say that the more feedback we get, the more attention we can bring to requests like this. I suggest keeping an eye on our changelog in the meantime, as we regularly announce platform updates there. 

By the way, did you get a chance to take advantage of any of those workarounds? I'm curious to know how that went!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Julie! 

Thank you for your reply.

Let´s hope that this feature will be implemented soon :). We are trying this out now with a workaround and are just advertising on with a Hero Image and a subsequent segment explaining how it works. So far its going well! 

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I was just reading the response to the question re discounts and noticed at the end  the mention that the discount always applies to the cheaper item in the cart.
Can this be changed?
I just added a discount to a certain collection - Buy 1 get one 15% cheaper and noticed it was the cheaper items getting the reduction which isn't what I wanted...
 hope you can help! 
This is the collection I am referring to



This thread already explains how to create a BOGO discount, but as many of you have stated, it requires the customer to add the items manually. 

Many customers won't do this, get confused, and then leave your store. 

There are several apps that make this more visible, adding the item to the cart or product page:

  • Discount Ninja
  • Automatic Discount & Gift
  • Free Gifts by Secomapp

Here are some example screenshots:




Check out my full review and comparison of all these apps here.

Best of luck with your store :)!