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Hey everyone,

I've seen this post multiple times now and I honestly can't believe there is no simple solution

I have multiple items in a collection and would like to offer the following:

Each items: £12.50

Buy 2 for £20

Can anyone please advise on how to do this?

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I want to create a bundle yes...but this is the most standard form of
bundle. I dont want a $10 off situation.

Two hats for $20

You go into a collection of hats.
Hat 1 is $12.50
Hat 2 is $13.50

If you buy two hats together in that collection the total price will come
to $20

I'm not looking for a $10 dollar discount. That won't work. I just want to
system to understand that if i add two products form a collection it will
checkout at $20

This is the world's most common type of offer on so many sites but i
can't seem to find it for Shopify...

Hi @VapeCookie 

Yes, Shopify doesn't support fixed-price discounts by default. Even you try to set up a Buy X Get Y discount, the get option cannot support it.

I'm developing an app to set up something like this: you can take a look at my demo here:

Merchants can fill in a simple form to generate a template like this. Let me know if you find it relevant to your case. I'm finding users to join Early Access. 

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You can do this using the app If you have any problems with the setup, write to the support chat and they will set everything up for you. 

KAD::Systems - Shopify Apps Developer