CHARITY CHECKOUT app now live // Reduce abandonment, boost loyalty & give back!

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Hello Shopify, 

We're excited to announce the full release of Charity Checkout v1.0.  A recent eBay study (link here) found that a checkout-donation feature *reduced* checkout abandonment, thereby increasing sales.

We've received great feedback and reviews:

In addition to some of the terrific ideas we've been given from other merchants, we're still working through non-dollar (international) customization. 

Our product roadmap is becoming more exciting, please let us know if you have any other feedback or ideas.


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I'm looking at charitable giving modules and came across your posting. Is the charity assignment limited to the charities you've already assigned or can I manage my own selection of charities?


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Hi George,

Thanks very much for post!

Our goal is to be able to serve all great non-profits, large and small. At this time, however, we're unable to accommodate organizations that don't have a four star rating from Charity Navigator, a gold level rating from GuideStar, and an accreditation from the BBB Giving Wise Alliance.

We do this to not only maximize impact, but also to prevent unscrupulous organizations from coming onto the platform. 

We'll continue to add more charities that fit these guidelines, and we're certainly open to any suggestions that you have.

Thanks again!