CUSTOMER PIN MAP (for social proof)

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I think it would be awesome to display a map near the footer of my store that shows all the states/countries that we have customers in.  Like a pin map. 

I can probably make a map myself manually then just upload an image to my store.  But I thought it would be better if it was somehow interactive/updates itself like an app would.

Google and app-store searching aren't yielding any immediate results so I thought I'd post it up here to see if anybody knows if an app like this exists or how to accomplish this.




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Hey! Naksalite is the perfect solution. The app shows your customer orders on a beautiful map (similar to the old Live View). You can take a screenshot of the app UI to share with your customers. 

Here is the link to the app:

Here is a screenshot of the app on my store with 3000+ orders from this December:

The map is super interactive so you can zoom on specific countries/states if you want to highlight a specific region. At zoomed in levels, pins show up. 

There is a free trial, definitely worth it.