Calculator App that pulls shipping info without creating an order

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Hi,   does anyone know of an app that is in inside, internal calculator- so you do not have to create an order to be able to calculate a price on shipping and don't have to click on "create a label".
So if you're doing a draft order, you can calculate shipping and add it as a flat fee into your draft.

So far I've been having to create $0.00 orders with a non-existent product in an order that creates and order number. 
I want to be able to calculate shipping without having the draft go to an Order, or having to create a new Order.

Just a simple thing where you can put in weight, dimensions and the app pulls your current pricing and gives you the same info as if you were creating a label.

I need it for me as a retailer as an internal source, the one that is for our customers making an order is fine- with the app we have so far.

If there is one, that would be awesome if someone could let me know...
If you are an app designer- there is my free idea for you.