Call Center Application. Looking for beta users.

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We have developed an application that provides a cloud based Call Center solutions. It can run abandoned orders recovery, follow-up and marketing campaigns and provide customer support.

Your agents can be located anywhere and only need to install a web-phone plug-in for browsers on a Windows computer.

Well, this is not a trivial application and it does require some understanding  about what is a call center and how to run it. You can try it and let us know what do you think. If you have questions, need help or more information please feel free to contact us.

This is a free 15 days trial version with the following limitations:

  • 1 outbound campaign 
  • 1 agent
  • 3 minutes calls only to North America numbers. Excluding premium, toll-free and other expensive destinations.

Please remember to record access credential it displayed after installation and use it to login into the Manager panel.

There are context help pages under '?' icons.

When you created a campaign with, let say  a 'Customers' type, it is connected to your account Customers list and what you need to do now is to fetch the leads into the campaign list.  So you go to the "Leads' tab and  hit the "Fetch Leads" button, select the campaign and press "Fetch'. Now, if you have Customers in your account, they will be copied into the dialing list. 

You will need to create an agent and login via the 'Agents' panel. Make sure, when you run first time, to install the web phone plug-in application and allowed it to run in your browser. As always,the Chrome or Firefox are recommended! 

As soon as you hit the Ready button  the system will start dialing your campaign leads list.





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