Can I change pricing plan after publishing my app to Shopify?

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Hi all,

I am not pretty sure if this question is answered before, if yes, please let me know and I apologize for the duplicated topic.

I am going to submit my app to Shopify, however, I read its policy that all pricing plan must be clear.

I am going to upgrate more features with my app, and I may need to charge more compared to my current pricing plan. 

Therefore, could I change my pricing plan? If yes, will it happen to all existing clients or it just applies to new clients?

I am living in Canada, Montreal now. I am not pretty sure that my pricing displayed will be included tax or without tax? Tax will be different from merchants who are from Canada, or who are from outside Canada. Hence, the tax will be handled by Shopify side if I am using their payment gateway API?

Thank you and I am very appreciate for your answers.



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Hi Vanessa,

Yes, you can change your pricing plan after publishing your app. But I recommend you shouldn't change pricing for existing customer who installed your app. Just change for the new install.

Good luck with your new app :)


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