Can an app create a local folder on your pc hard drive ?

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I was looking through my download folder and to my surprise I found a 'Shopify' folder

containing around 500 images created at around the same time as when I installed the the app.

I thought that these apps only had access to your Shopify store and data.

I am not absolutely sure that this app created the folder but I am concerned about this folder

just suddenly appearing on my hard drive.
Could one of the following permissions allowed the app to create this 'Shopify' folder ?

  • View Shopify account data
  • Manage product
  • Manage orders
  • Manage customers
  • Manage marketing
  • View store analytics
  • Manage your Online Store
  • View Shopify Payments
  • Manage other data


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No. Those permissions are with the online storefront only - and not your local computer. 

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All I know is that a folder called Shopify appeared in my Downloads folder and about 500 images

were stored there over a 3 minutes period. Almost like a back up.

I deleted it and one hasn't appeared since despite my carrying on the same Shopify activity since.