Can anyone recommend a free Quiz App that isn't product based & gives people instant results?

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I want to create a quiz to help customers engage with my product. i want to ask questions and show customers if they got the answer right or wrong and collect email addresses in the meantime. 
Can anyone suggest a free app? 


Hi there,

I would suggest using this app you can create pop-up quiz, give instant results, and there is one option to collect customer emails as well. 

It's free for 1st 5,000 engagement so I guess that's all you need to test it out.

Let me know if that's helpful for you.


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If you aren't looking for a popup, you can utilize Jebbit.

Can do the functionality you are looking for but can be embedded on your site, or, can be used across email/social/paid ads/etc too.

Free plan that you can test as well!

Please let me know if you have any questions or we also have a great support team to help.

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I think it's possible to do it even with the help of Shopify, you can search related forums as well. It's strange this complicated question hasn't been discussed here. I would definitely help you if I know any information connected with it. But I can suggest you something interesting. What quizzes are you interested in exactly? It's a big pity you haven't mentioned your preferences. I love to search for different entertaining quizzes and then play them daily. I am sure you will be astonished in a very pleasant way after visiting this source and solving the quiz displayed there. And I won't be surprised if you find a new job after it, ha-ha...

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Hi @GlennBeatty,

Jebbit is a free app that will let you create quizzes like this. It has a ton of features so you can create all kinds of quizzes and also add a place for customers to give their email addresses. Super easy to use! Let me know if this helps.