Canada Post App - Suspect Incorrect Originator Address

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Greetings Shopify Community.


I have installed the Canada Post app for real time shipping, and have carrier shipping enabled on my shop (

The issue I am having is, despite the correct "ship from" address being set in the software (both Shopify and Canada Post) all my shipping quotes being returned to customers are based on an unknown address in Ontario, not BC (where I am located).


Any Ideas?


If you create a mock order on the website and provide an Ontario address it will return a very good shipping rate, with a 2 day delivery time. (Should be 4+ days to Ontario, and around $15, not the quoted $8)

If you create another mock order and use a BC address it quotes a delivery time of 4 days to go down the street (should only be 1 or 2) and at a rate of ~$15, double what it should be (~$8 for Metro Vancouver). 


To add to the mystery, when I print a label from the App, the correct "Ship From" address is being used. So the correct amount is being charged to me, but an incorrect amount is being collected.


Any one else ran into this issue, and have a solution? I have been in touch with the Shopify Guru's and am not getting to far.






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Are you using multiple warehouse locations to ship your items? If that is the case, then I believe you must be using a multi warehouse solution. So ideally, then the onus lies on this solution to properly take in the address. You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app for this purpose.


However, if you are purely using Shopify shipping, then the only way this can happen is because when the shipper address is not properly configured. Have you checked that?

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