Celery alternatives - "charge later app" for pre-orders

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Celery was doing really great for pre-orders but unfortunately, they are sunsetting their app. 


Does someone know an alternative to the Celery app, in order to collect orders and charge later, for Shopify?


I am doing pre-orders and want to charge my customers only when we are ready to ship, sometimes 2 or 3 months after the order. 


These apps below are based on monthly fee, while Celery's fees was only commision based













Thank you!


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Our company is also interested in a pre-order system that works in this way.


So far the app that we are using is causing confusion with Quickbooks since it thinks that those are paid when they aren't paid and we have to invoice for the full amount again which then doubles the inventory and money when we are only getting 1 payment. Our boss gets headaches trying to clean up Quickbook every month to make sure we don't get over charged for sales. (Cancelling those unpaid pre-orders once they get paid makes it look like a really big loss)


If we can get an app that allows to submit a pre-order and allows us to then ask it to capture those funds later (A few months down the line) for when they do come in. That would work a lot better than what I mentioned above.

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While we do not have an app for Pre-Orders, we do have an app for QuickBooks sync called "QuickBooks Bridge". It is one of the fasted growing app on Shopify for Quickbooks sync.

We know and understand how the sync works between Shopify & QuickBooks. We can help in case of duplicate entries to Quickbooks by avoiding that if you can help us identify from your data that this one is to be marked for payment later on.


If there is no relevant pre-order app or something that you need, we can develop that for you as well. Feel free to contact me at kumar@parextech.com



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