Charge when App is completely free

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My app is completely free, but on app analisys they say that still need to submit the app using the BIlling API

So what kind of charge i shoud use?
They recommended ApplicationCharge, but have a minimum value of 0.5$

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Hey there,

Try setting the "test" flag to true in the application charge payload:

  "application_charge": {
    "name": "Super Duper Expensive action",
    "price": 0.5,
    "return_url": "",
    "test": true

Test charges are not billed.





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Hi, there.

Dallas here from the Shopify Social Care Team here at Shopify. 

It sounds like you may have selected the One time Payment option. To have an app download for free you will want to select the Free to Install option. 

This will make sure that the merchant isn't charged for anything when they are installing the app. If there are no additional charges (even after the app has been downloaded) then the app will appear as Free in the App Store.

This link here goes through all of the steps to submit your app to the Shopify App Store. 

I hope this helps to answer your question! If you have any more questions in regards to this I recommend reaching out to the apps team at They will definitely be able to help you answer your questions. Our live support is also available 24/7 to help you out with any other questions that you may have. 


Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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