Charged after Pausing Shopify Store (Apps)

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I paused my store, and I was charged for an app. I have no way to go into my account to delete my apps and to STOP the reoccurring billing. I assumed that pausing the account would disable the apps. I'm pretty much getting charged for nothing, and I have no way to stop it unless I pay for a monthly plan ($29.99).  So in order to stop the bleeding, I have to log in. Also, I can't contact customer service because my account is on pause. So I'm pretty much screwed. I wish Shopify would have been clear about ALL the consequences of pausing a store. 

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This also happened to me, then when I clicked on contact us and tried to chat, it said I couldn't log in to chat because my store is on pause, opening a window to the community.   

I agree, there should have been somewhere stating that we needed to delete apps or the apps should pause with the store pausing.  There doesn't seem to be an option without opening the store again and getting charged.  

I'm following your post to see if they respond to you, hoping I can find help, too.