Cheaper App for Tiered Account Discounts for a large audience

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I'm looking for a Shopify app that does the following:


- Buying products adds points to your account

- After you've gotten enough points you reach different tiers of discounts that are permanent to your account

- The ability for admins to manually give customers points


With these features in mind I'm looking for the cheapest option for what I need. I find Bold Custom Pricing: Wholesale at the 49.99/mo tier or Smile: Rewards & Loyalty at the Pro tier to have what I need but those are too pricey for me.

I am looking for something 30 bucks or less /mo. Also I have a large audience making accounts therefore the apps that charge a bunch more after 1000+ accounts won't work for me.


Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance!



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App selly can offer discount for a specific group of customers based on their total spent:

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Oh this is awesome! Thank you