Cheapest/easiest bulk shipping options besides Shopify?

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We do about 50 orders a day.  All within the US and about 80% under 1 pound - and 99% under 2 pounds.   Everything shipped through USPS


We had just been fulfilling directly through Shopify, but our business has quickly grown to the point that we are doing 50 orders a day.  I ship out 2-3 days a week, so I am often having to print out 100-200 orders at once.


Shopify's 20 label max is annoying as is the fact that SO OFTEN default to incorrect shipping options (examples: 1. defaulting to first class mail despite the fact that I've disabled that shipping option within Shopify or 2. default to an incorrect package for every order so I have to manually change it)


I went to Shippo, but they aren't any cheaper than Shopify while (eventually) charging a monthly rate - so I'd actually be paying more for Shippo than Shopify).  I'm also having integration issues where Shopify is showing orders as unfulfilled that I fulfilled through Shippo, as well as some other annoyances.


What's the best option for shipping when 100% of our shipments go through USPS, 80% are under 1 pound, and 99% are under 2 pounds, and wanting to print out 100+ orders at once quickly without having to manually change most of the orders like I have to do in Shopify.