CloudHooks - Serverless Extensions for Shopify

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Hi all,


CloudHooks allows you to respond to webhooks with Javascript that you write in an in-app editor. Your code is called with helper functions for sending email, HTTP requests, PostgreSQL queries, and of course, interacting with your shop's Admin API. There is a test area for seeing how your code reacts to customizable webhook payloads, and structured code logs help you monitor how things are working in production.


So next time your client asks for some custom integration, forget spinning up a new Heroku instance, authenticating the webhook payload, etc, and let CloudHooks run your code for you.


Each action (email, HTTP request, etc.) only costs $0.01 and the first 100 per month are free.


Check out CloudHooks in the Shopify App Store


Thanks and let me know what you think or if you have any questions,

Brendan (