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Hello All

I think I have tried every collection filter app in the in app store and none of them are any good. The best one in my opinion is Udundi but they limit you to 50 collections. Any suggestions for a large number of skus/collections(35k skus)?


I am looking for something that will not slow my site down and can filter by vendor, price, gender, and then some tags

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Hi Dave!

Typically I recommend the Power Tools - Filter Menu app as I find it is offers the most aesthetically-pleasing end result out of the collection filter apps on our App Store. Have you already had a look at that app in particular?

Should none of the apps offer exactly what you are envisioning for your store, I would certainly recommend you explore the idea of having an app custom developed for your store, and you can begin going down this route by reaching out to one of our dedicated panel of app development Experts, who will happily discuss the task at hand with you.

Hope this helps!

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We were in your situation last year. We have clients with large catalogs and lots of attributes. So, we built an app that can accommodate upwards of 40 attributes per product! And there's no limit on collections or attributes, etc.

We just launched it on the App Store:

I know this looks like a shameless plug, but I remember coming across your post last year when we were hunting down a solution as well.

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