Combine Multiple SKUs into Single Product

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Hi All,

I am looking to combine multiple SKUs within my store into a single product (i.e. subscribtion box). That said this product needs to be available for one-time purchase and compatible with our ReCharge service as well like every other single product. We tried a product bundle app but that did not work how we need it to. 

Essentially, we need this product to act exactly like any other single product but contain multiple SKUs and reflect thus on inventory/analytics with each item in the pack. 

FYI website is:

Is this possible? 

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A single product will not contain multiple SKUs in Shopify.
You need to look into how it's best to manage this. I see these common approaches:

  1. When the box is added to the cart, it actually adds the contents - not the box.
  2. The box is added to the cart, and optionally details about contents stored as line item properties.

#1 makes inventory easy to manage. Requires some theme mods to add the feature.
#2 is neater since it's one product, but will require that you have additional logic in place to:

  • keep inventory updated should the contenst of the box also exist as standalone items in the store
  • expand that single item come fulfilment time.

There are apps that can help with the logic in #2.

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Hi Jason,

Thank you very much for your response. Do you happen to know of an app that would help with the logic in suggestion #2?


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