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We are looking for an app that can do commission on a product level. (not at vendor level!)

  • We need the app to be able to create users
  • When product A is sold a % of the sale is given to User B
  • When product C is sold a % of the sale is given to User D
  • We need the app to be able to set a percentage on each product/user
  • We need to be able to give more than one commission on the same product

I've been looking at all commission app and at the moment I can't find any that fits those needs.

Staffy, Repsorder, Sale Reps.Puppet Vendor, Sales Reps, Referson, Vendor Consignment.

We had this functionality in our Wordpress shop and I can't understand why there's no solution in the multiple available apps. Maybe I'm not searching the right "terms".

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are you looking for a type of fundraiser type of tracking for products sold?  Something like order my gear or inksoft fundraiser tracker?

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Hey Benoit,

You'll have this exact functionality next month in our next update which includes Commissions and sales performance.


Feel free to ask any questions,


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