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Our company is a fast growing e-commerce jewelry company who has come to terms with the need for a barcoding solution to handle inventory management and fulfillment obligations. We are looking for a solution that integrates fully with shopify where we host our inventory. Our company sells on multiple third party sites of which the orders do not go trough shopify. This leaves us with the need to manually input large (1000+ items) orders from these channels on a weekly basis.


Here are the key issues we face when looking for an integration:

  • We have multiple UPC's for some our products across a few platforms. 
  • The item identification number for these products differs across third party sites due to their inability to change these values. (i.e. Amazon) 
  • Our current SKU system is based on location within the warehouse, which results in duplicate item SKU's when an old product is replaced with a new one. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on apps/programs to help in this issue? 

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Hello ShineBright,

This is exactly what our system does. It is meant for more complex, full blow warehouse management with location and item barcoding.

We are in the app approval process with Shopify so aren't listed yet, but we've been around for several years and have a proven solution. We will be in the app store in the next week or two.

In the meantime, would you be open to a short call to discuss your needs in a bit more detail and we can tell you more about our software's capabilities?

You can get an overview here: Http://
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