Confirmation mail - products cannot be translated

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Hello, how are you.

How comes that in the confirmation-email the products, that a customer orders in a translated version of a shopify-store, are not beeing shown translated?

For example, I have a spanish shopify-store, and traduced all the articles, pages, pop-ups etc. to german (with the app GTranslate) to amplify clients. So now, a german person sees my products in german, orders in german, checks out in german and the confirmation-email is starting with "Hello dear Mrs. Whatever, thanks for your order...." in german.

BUT then, the list with the articles shows up in spanish and there is no way (as far as I know, or better said, due to GTranslate) that this list shows up (with the already traduced articles) in german? There is a list of articles in spanish, which (normaly) a german person does not understand?

This looks so unprofesional and I cannot believe that this is true! Is it?