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I need help finding the best option app for my store.

My products are composed by 2 variants:

sizes and letters. I have it all separately and I take “X” size and “X” letter on demand.

the thing is that all the size variants and letter variants fit to many different products.


can someone help me me to find the best app to connect inventory in the back end but at the same time being able to select from the product options of size and letter? Now im using infinite options app but we are unable to track the quantities.


thank you in advance



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So each variant is actually a bundled product of the letter+main?

We have a bundling solution available that we could tweak to accommodate the use of bundles as variants. Their inventory would then be based on what is available from each component.

In Shopify however you can only show normal variants so you would have to manage the product bundles and mapping through our platform.

If you would like to discuss further just send me an email to as we may need to see some examples of your product structures.



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