Connecting my Shopify to amazon

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I live in the UK and I want to connect my Shopify store to amazon however, it seems it says it's not compatible. Although I have changed the currency on the Shopify store but still, doesn't work. I was wondering if there is another way to solve this issue

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Shopify and Amazon are two undisputed kings of the eCommerce market that provide an unprecedented opportunity for e-merchants to grow the business. They are often regarded as the most well-known rivalry with some major differences that make one competitive with the other.

It has now become easier to implement a multi-channel approach to your eCommerce business. You can now add Amazon to your Shopify store as a sales channel through the Shopify amazon connector and create listings on Amazon from existing products as well as fulfill orders directly within the Shopify admin panel. Shopify will sync your available inventory within all active sales channels.