Contact Form Submission Routed To Multiple Email Addresses

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Hi guys,

My client wants a Contact Form with the ability to:

  1. Create multiple contact forms throughout the store, different pages.
  2. Create a contact form with the ability to select a specific department within the company and then have that submission be routed to the relevant department's email address, in other words, a contact form with the ability to be routed to different specified email addresses, depending on the selection.

READ THIS: I want an existing app, not a developer please. The client won't hire a developer for this. WordPress and other platforms have similar plugins or apps, so I'd be very surprised and disappointed if no one using Shopify has ever needed the same functionality.

We use the Shogun Page Builder with the Minimal theme.


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Did you try this app:

Vince Nguyen | Ecommerce Consultant at
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Hi @Reast,

I hope that you are doing well! A bit late to the party, but I wanted to give you some information that I thought might help if you are still looking into this!

Shogun's new form element can do 1 out of the two things here, any form can have multiple addresses added into them, simply add multiple email addresses into the send submissions to box separated by commas. For example, ",".

We don't currently have the ability to change the recipient depending on an option that they choose, but there may be a few workarounds that you could do - such as use an accordion or tabs with different forms for each department that you would like your visitors to be able to get in contact. I think that this would be a fantastic future improvement, though!

I'm sure you may have already come across a solution, but I wanted to share ideas of what you could do with the tools that you already have in your arsenal.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Karl Jones | Team Lead, Technical Support, Shogun
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I have tried your suggestion to no avail.  I get a message stating invalid email. I have tried it at the customer level as well as the email invoice level with same negative result.  Any other suggestions?

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Hi Reast - 

I'm looking for exactly the same functionality. Did you ever find a solution? Any apps out there that can do this? We also will not hire a developer for this. There has to be a service that we subscribe to that offers this. Thanks,