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Shopify promised to deliver custom sections for every part of the store - but the end of the year is just around the corner and the promise is still not implemented.


This is why I'd like to announce that in couple of days, Content Builder will be ready for you - for free!


Custom sections everywhere, custom fields everywhere. For example, you just open product page in the app and you can edit content like Wordpress ACF, Statamic or Craft. It uses fieldsets - which are schema on steroids, because you don't have to code them, don't worry about JSON validation - drag and drop them! You want to use product fieldset on this one article you need - no problem. Fieldset for collections on one of the pages - who cares, NO PROBLEM!


Every element in the store, product, page, collection, order, article, blog, even store - can use every fieldset-schema you create! Whole content is saved in metafields - so you have access from the whole website.


If you know how Advanced Custom Fields for Wordpress works - you don't need further explanation. Check screenshot:




If you want to check other free apps on first Open Source Shopify App Store - check:

or download the code from GitHub:

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