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We have an app listing on the app store for a long time. We have 100+ 5 star reviews. Now we want to convert our app to a sales channel so that we don't lose any reviews.

Can someone help?



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Hey, Vikash!

Alex here, from the Shopify support team - 

You can definitely convert your app into a Sales Channel! You can see more abouthow to do that here! You'll also want to review the requirements here: 

Usage guidelines

  • Sales channels must be marketplaces or platforms where merchants can sell their products outside of their own branded channels (such as Shopify's online store, Buy Button, or Shopify POS).
  • A channel app and integration must be built directly by the channel partner, or a single affiliated integration partner approved by the channel partner (for example, a third-party developer or services agency).

Technical requirements

  • Channels must be built through the Shopify platform using the Sales Channel SDK.
  • Sales channel apps require the Embedded App SDK. This SDK helps structure the merchant experience when they are managing channel-specific settings in the Shopify admin.
  • Your app also must meet the best practices that are set out in Shopify's components library, and the general guidelines in Shopify's Polaris design system. These resources include all the resources that you need to build apps that are in keeping with Shopify and other sales channels.
  • If your app will use the Checkout API to process payments, then you will need to consider PCI compliance. Shopify offers several methods to reduce PCI compliance liability such as Stripe and Spreedly. To use one of these services, you'll need to request payment processing when you create a sales channel app.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to follow up here or with our Partner support team with any additional questions. 

Alex | Support

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We have an app on Shopify app listing for a long time and we have 100+ 5 star reviews also. Now we want to convert our app to a sales channel. But we checked Shopify Sales Channel Api's and scopes only works after uninstallation of current listed app from store and installation of new sales channel app. But we don't know how we can move our clients to sales channel app from current app. Please provide a solution so that we don't lose any reviews as well as clients.

Please help regarding this?


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Hey @Jacob07 & @Vikash_Jha , did you get an answer to your question here?

I'm in a similar situation of wanting to convert an existing app into a sales channel. I found the below quote in the documentation. Does this mean it's impossible to convert an existing app into a sales channel? I really hope not!

if your app has already been installed by Shopify merchants, then it can't be made a sales channel.