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I am looking for an app that would allow our corporate clients to give their employees access to our store. Our corporate clients pay for their employees lunches and I need a way for them to track participation. Ideally, they could login and see employee purchases and we could bill them at the end of the month.

Does anyone know of an app that manages corporate accounts?


@jlegge06You could probably do something where you export a report from your store that lists clients / how much they purchased. Then send an invoice through shopify or another platform based on that?

Can you give a little more background?

Based on hour question I am assuming you use Shopify or Shopify POS for your store - am I correct in this assumption?

When you say "access to your store" what do you mean by that? Another way of access aside from the e commerce side?

Soo many questions! :)


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@EdwardGoomba Thanks for getting back to me! My store is We sell subscription meal plans and are currently
selling into corporations. The company wants to pay for their staff meals.
Ideally, the workflow would be something like this...

- The company sends a link out to their staff to sign up and create
their own personal account (under the parent corporate account)
- The staff can login and buy whatever meals they like
- Those meals are billed to the parent corporate account
- The parent corporate account owner could login and see the email
addresses of the staff who were participating and what they were ordering

We are currently using Shopify for the store, that's correct. Access from
the store could be from the main site....I think that is alright as long as
the staff accounts were tied to a parent corporate account.

Thank you!



Jess - Thanks for providing more info. Without diving too deep into this, four things come to mind that you could take a look at.

1. Wholesale channel. This could be kind of implemented in order to do what you are looking for. I think there are some major barriers - separate storefronts, draft invoices, etc - that don't make it a good solution for what you are looking for. Could be done.

2. Tagging Customers. This could potentially get you what you are looking for. Instead of singing up under a corporate account - you could have customers signup then cross reference them to a company roster and add 'corp a', 'corp b' tags. At the end of each month you could run a report of say all customers from tag 'corp a' and see what they purchased, etc and then bill the corp accordingly.

3. Build an App for Shopify. You could setup an app dashboard for corps where they can invite their employees. An employee would get an invite, and signup through your store. You would tag the customer to each corp automatically on signup, and add them to the app dashboard to see who is active, push purchases to dashboard, etc. This would get you most of the way - combining Shopify with some admin oversight / management.

4. Build a custom web app. Use Shopify as a headless system and create a custom web app to power this. Ultimate control. You could easily integrate Shopify along with a headless CMS option - like Sanity - to manage the pages, content, etc - while using Shopify to power the checkout, payment, products, etc. You could then resell this to other providers similar to yourself as another revenue stream.


To me it sounds like the bigger problem you are trying to solve is accountability between the companies who want this - and your team. The companies want to know that you are billing them for orders from people from their companies. They also want some insight into what is happening.

Again, just some quick thoughts. If you would like to explore this further - feel free to send me an email :)

Hope this helps or gives you some ideas!



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