Create a custom quiz, collect answers and user contact details

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I'm looking to build a gifting assistant service that chooses products outside of my online store. This means I need to find a way to build an interactive quiz that collects the answers about gift recipient, their hobbies, gift budget, occassion etc. and asks for the customer's contact information so I can get back to them personally with the gift suggestions.

I know there are quite  a few good apps recommending the specific products within the store, but I need to skip the recommendation step and recommend the answer myself as this is a personal experience I'm offering on top of the presents already featured in my shop.

Thank you so much!



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There are a few ways you could do this. Shopify App stores provides a number of Apps that provides quiz functionality. But to keep things simple I'm guessing you are looking to:

1. Create a few questions.

2. Include a text field in which your customers could provide contact details/email.

3. End the quiz, (without product recommendation) or you can redirect the customer to a landing page of your store. 

4. Download the answers and response from your customers for you to get back with personalized suggestion.

Our quiz App can help you to achieve these simple steps and you can view our demo here.

Please do not hesitate to contact for support!


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Hey @VaidaSHILTA,

Jebbit is a great app for this purpose. You can use it to create a product match quiz that will recommend a product at the end based on how the customer answered all the questions. I can link it below, definitely recommend checking it out! Let me know if this helps.