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Hi Folks,

I'm having issues publishing to Google Shopping. We are using Amazon ASINs in the barcode field and it's causing some issue.

I was looking for an app that can create a new product metafield and use a csv import to populate on mass.

For example import the ASINs to the new metafield, restore barcodes to the Shopify barcode field.

Any recommendations or better solutions much appreciated.


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Hello @HomeOnTheSwan 

I think Excelify app would be exactly what you are looking for!

We do allow to bulk export, import, create, update and delete Metafields for your Products.

Here we do have an amazing tutorial that will explain just how to do all that - How to Bulk Manage Shopify Metafields.


Of course - if you have any questions, feel free to reply here or contact us directly by any means listed in our "Contact Us" page. | Bulk Import Export Update with Excel | |