Create your own 'Mask Pack'

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I am looking for a way (or an app) that would allow my customers to choose from different color skus of masks to create their own 'Mask Pack' of 3. Basically we don't want to sell individual masks, only want to sell sets of 3, but want the customer to choose the colors they want to create their pack. Let me know if anyone has a solution or app recommendation!


Thank you!

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Hey @Jovanamullins,

The PickyStory app offers you exactly this. You can easily create a pack, let your shoppers choose specific variants, and add the pack with one click to the cart. It's also automatically applying your brand colors and style, so you only need minimum customization or none.

Here's an example of how it can look like:



Hope this helps!



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This looks great - will check out!! Thank you!