Created an app. That's how it has performed till today. (Installs, earnings...) + Marketing plan

A mate and I have decided to create a little app "Kindly - Payment Reminder" for Shopify which reminds your customers to pay their pending orders via email.

Now I wanted to share some info with you guys for those interested in behind-the-scenes app stats. I know it's not a lot of insight but I will share more when some time has passed. Promised

  • We had our app accepted on the Shopify app store on the 24th of August. (23 full days)

  • 22 installs to this day, (8 of which have chosen a paid plan) 2 uninstalls

  • Pricing Plans: Free Plan, 2.5$, 3.5$, 14.5$

  • Estimated Income: 63.5$/month


Since the release, I answered

  • 3 Shopify forum questions,

  • did one Reddit post (which didn't really get any attention),

  • 1 post on 3 different but specific Shopify Facebook groups

  • and started to bid with each 2$-2.5$ on 4 different Shopify keywords since last sunday

for marketing actions.

So far so good. Merchants are installing our app through organic search, Shopify ads or through Shopify forums/Facebook groups.


What plans do we have? I created a 4-page marketing plan for the app and will go on with all the things I wrote in there. These are all our steps in a short summary:

  1. Shopify featured banner (min. 100 installs & 10 reviews with avg. 4-star-review)

  2. Shopify ads keyword bidding

  3. Facebook Pixel - IG & FB ads

  4. Reddit post

  5. Website On-Site SEO

  6. Google ads keyword bidding

  7. Facebook group posts

  8. Forum posts - Answers, introductions, asking for feedback

  9. Create own blogposts about app-specific topics

  10. E-Mail marketing

  11. Social Media / Influencer promotions

  12. Create a YouTube How-To video 


At the end of this year, I will be through with this plan and will report to you guys:

  • All the Shopify stats like installs, uninstalls, active installs, percentage of paying users, earnings...

  • How the marketing plan worked out. What performed best. What did not perform?

  • Please tell me if you want anything else to know so I can start monitoring those.

Figured that would be interesting for some people out there dreaming about creating a Shopify app on there own or maybe having one already but not knowing how to market it.

Oh and before you leave...

We really hope we can get some honest feedback on our app/app store appearance from you guys.

Please tell us:

  • Your opinion

  • What is missing

  • Your wishes

Thanks a lot - Have a great day!

Cheers, Raphael

Kindly - Payment Reminder

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Remind customers to pay their pending order.

Please notice:

We changed our app's URL to


Enjoy your day,

Raphael from Kindly

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Remind customers to pay their pending order.
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Thanks for sharing this information. Keep us updated!


@psome With pleasure!

We at Kindly are currently preparing a complete relaunch update for the release. There will be huge improvements! That's also the reason why I haven't shared much info with you lately. We have our full focus on the relaunch. After the release, there will be a lot of exciting results, experiences and statistics to share.

I'm looking forward to discussing this with you again.

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Remind customers to pay their pending order.
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Hey Raphael,


thanks for sharing your Insights.

What Techstack did you use and why did you decide to build an payment reminder App?


Kind regards,


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@RaphaelStolz Thanks for sharing this

Would be interested in any info on app development you would share

Technologies used, hosting, issues encountered, solutions/workarounds 



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Thank you for sharing @RaphaelStolz and good luck!

It seems like you already have an FAQ page, why don't you add it to your app listing as well? (

The screenshots in the app listing are not very easy to read because of the size. You can think about cropping the unnecessary parts like the Shopify page UI and only leave the parts that explains your app. Example:


Hey @RaphaelStolz , I appreciate the breakdown of the various marketing channels you've used. Which ones have worked out best for you? What Facebook groups did you post on?


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Hey @TrackPack,

What has worked best for us has been sharing valuable content related to Shopify's app development and interacting with those interested. Whether it's here on Shopify's community page, in Facebook groups or even on Reddit. People are curious and want to learn.

There are many different great Facebook groups, just look in the search under "Shopify App", "Shopify Development". You're bound to find something there!

What we haven't tried yet is Instagram advertising. But we also changed our plan because IG users mostly end customers and not business customers. And since you can't narrow down the target group enough, it's hardly profitable.


I'm very happy that I could help you!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Remind customers to pay their pending order.

Hey @bahadir_e,

You're very welcome, I'm glad I could help and thank you, luck is always good to have!

Thanks! That's very thoughtful. Will be linked shortly.

Regarding the screenshots... We are currently working on a major update and will update the screenshots as soon as the release is available.

Have a great weekend,

Kindly - Payment Reminder
Remind customers to pay their pending order.