Creating a Gift-wrapping app

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Hi everyone,


My name is Maarten, I am building an app and I could use some help. Thank you in advance!


To simplify it, I am trying to make an app that creates the gift-wrapping functionality as outlined in this tutorial:

I followed the tutorial and got it working using snippets in the normal Cart as well as the pop-up Ajax Cart.


I have a few questions and any ideas our welcome!


1. Is creating an app that adds a gift-wrapping product and some snippets a good way to do this? How do you create an app that automatically adds these snippets when installed?

2. What is a good way to modify the gift-wrapping checkbox and text into a nice widget?

3. What would be a good way to change the gift-wrapping price depending on the total amount in the cart? I was thinking of working with one gift-wrapping product, which has different prices as variants.

4. After the customer paid for their gift-wrapping I would like to make an API call with some of the customers email and name to an external app, what would be a good way to do this?


If you have ideas about any of my questions that would be great!

Hope to hear from you soon!




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Hi Maarten

Did you create the app?

Would be interested.