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I am trying to build a calculator on my website, where people can answer multiple-choice questions and based on these values I would like to run a simple equation in the back that will pull product recommendations. So for example, if the user answers added up to 500, I would pull all products with a tag of 500. 


Is this possible with just liquid? or do I need to create a custom App?


Thank you So much for any help or advice!


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There are few apps like quiz which can fulfill your requirement. You can create quiz with different questions, customer can get products based on that.

you can also create custom app or customization in liquid.


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Hi @sapcodes ,

Our app,  Guidelines Product Finder, does exactly what you describe and may be a great fit. 

With Guidelines you are able to create a series of questions and then associate tags with each answer. As a shopper goes through your product finder answering questions, we build a dynamic search query based on the selected answers/tags. i.e... Show all products that have Tag_A(From Q1)  and Tag_B(From Q2) etc... The app is pretty flexible and can be customized to fit your needs. We also released a new feature that tracks sales directly attributed to someone going through your product finder/quiz. This way, you can clearly justify if our app is providing real tangible value to your bottom line. 

As many do, we offer a free trial. Check us out and if you need more time with the trial or any help, please let me know. 

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