Creating a custom product page with additional information

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Hey all

I'm quite new at using Shopify so please excuse if this is a bad question...

I'm looking to build a product page with a "Why we love it" section similar to this Store. It will feature 3 additional pictures per product with corresponding text. This will be different for each product.

Currently my understanding is that the easiest way to do this is:

  • Use an app to add the additional product pictures and information to the product catalogue
  • Use Pagefly to build a custom product page that displays this information

Do you have a recommendation on which app to use for the first step? Or is there another simpler way to do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @l-hoffmann 

We suggest you create a new product template and apply the modification directly in the code instead of having to recreate all the page from scratch. 

The following tutorial can assist on that: Create alternate templates (

Should you need additional help do let us know!

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