Creating a product KIT & inventory update, searched for days helpppp

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Hi everyone

I have spent hours looking for this option with no luck.

What I'm looking for seems simple, I want to create a product kit(some call it a bundle) of a product that is made of other products.

for example:
Camera kit = that is made of camera+lens+case

when somebody buys the kit a single product(the kit) is added to cart

and the inventory of the products the kit is made of are getting updated

I have found lots of bundles app things like:
if you like product A you will like product B

or if you buy product A you can get product B with a discount

this is not what I'm looking for

I want a page with a single product (: why is that so hard

Any help is appreciated also if you are a developer I would love to hear from you

Thank you

gr8 week Leon