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Hey everyone,

One of the apps that I put together, needed to create a webhook so that my server can receive information about when an order is made. I managed to set this up all ok and it seemed I needed to use some API scopes. Which were "read_notifications" and "write_notifications". Although these scopes aren't actually in the documentation. Are they needed? I had someone install my app today and it simply didn't work. 

It showed: "Oauth error: missing_shopify_permission: write_notifications, read_notifications. 

Has something changed as these worked before? I removed these scopes from my install file and it's working again. But will my app still be able to create webhooks? 

Hope someone can help. 

Regards, Jack

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Hey Jack,

I haven't tried creating the webhook myself but check below code. If you are using ruby for the app development the webhook creation are defined as below. The scope you are mentioning shouldnot have any impact on that.


ShopifyApp.configure do |config|
  config.application_name = "My Shopify App"
  config.api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  config.secret = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
  config.scope = "read_orders, read_products,read_script_tags, write_script_tags, write_shipping"
  config.embedded_app = true
  config.after_authenticate_job = false
  config.session_repository = Shop
  config.webhooks = [
    {topic: 'orders/create', address: '', format: 'json'},

See this thread for detail info.



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Thanks Navin, Sorry for the delay in my response. 

I will do some testing and get back to you! 


Regards, Jack